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Where to download the browser to enter the KRAKEN website

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Why you should use a VPN browser to access Kraken Onion

How to make purchases on the krmp website

If you have landed on our site, then you probably already know what the Kraken store is like and would like to know how to enter this resource correctly, as well as how to place an order. Let's deal with these questions one by one.

How to access

To enter the Kraken, a regular browser will not work, you will need to download TOR. This is a VPN browser that allows you to visit resources on the dark web. You can download the utility anywhere, there are a lot of resources, but do not forget to enable VPN in your browser. After you have downloaded the TOR, go in and follow the link , then go through a simple registration and get to one of the Kraken mirrors.

How to place an order on

The first thing you need is to replenish your personal wallet. This can be done through a direct transfer, or you can use the built-in functionality of the kraken - an exchange office. After the account is replenished, we proceed to the search and selection of goods. There are many sellers on the site, you can use the search or go to the general section with stores and look for the right one. When you have already found what you want to buy, all that remains is to pay for the goods from your personal account and you will see a section where the coordinates of your treasure will be indicated. After that, you will have a day to pick up the purchased goods and close the deal. You can leave feedback about the seller after the transaction is completed.